Welcome to Our Website

Hello and thank you for reading our 1st blog post on the happenings of Riches Rides! My name is Richard Garibyan and I’m the managing partner of this business and I, along with my team, will attempt to post updates regularly of things going on in the auto world. I’ve never been in the habit of maintaining a blog (does Facebook and Instagram count?) but I will try to relate as much car info I can being the gearhead that I am. This company started from dreams, and now is working itself to be beyond the reality I imagined.

That said..

It’s been an exciting 2 years so far. Definitely feels like this hard work is slowly starting to payoff.  I’m glad to say that our full functioning website will better engage you to our services and hopefully assist you into screening options for your next lease or purchase.  We had multiple rounds of interviews for the position but I’m confident we picked well for our website design company Brandised.com. Hopefully our user friendly interface can help you navigate through our site in a breeze as well.

One of my biggest sources of pride about Riches Rides  is the fact that we specialize in all makes and models of vehicles. Most businesses pay lip-service to the idea they can sell something to anyone that hopefully he or she may like. However, we take that idea one step further and have made that our guiding philosophy! I ask anyone this rhetorical question: how can a business accurately claim they carry something for everyone if they only buy from 3-5 auto makes (or worse 1-3)? Riches Rides LLC has over 20 such companies and that is a major point of distinction with how that translates to what we can potentially sell to our customers!

All in all, this place has really been coming together day by day. We work hard to be up to date with the latest programs and offers to pass on to our clientele. It’s motivating to be surrounded with great clients and vendors.  Without them much of what we’ve accomplished so far wouldn’t nearly be done.

Anyway, we look forward to sharing our random specials, sales, new releases, thoughts and other important events/dates here in the near future.

Stay tuned and welcome aboard!

Richard Garibyan,